Keith Baich

Sales, Change, Operations Manager – OMSI

I worked with Robert while he contracted with our organization during a software implementation. During that time I found him to be one of the most hardworking and continuously successful people with whom I have had the opportunity with which to work. Though Robert was contracted less than a year, in that time he made a big impact on our operations, both by suggesting and implementing procedural changes, and by tirelessly striving to assist us in furthering a culture of sales and exceptional customer service. He does not shy away from crucial conversations, creating consensus regularly where others may not. Based on my experience, Robert is an asset to any team. Thanks Robert for all you do!

Damien Francaviglia

VP of Finance & Technology – OMSI

Robert joined our team and hit the ground running, quickly getting up to speed and providing us insights and an external perspective that helped focus our efforts on ways we could improve our guest experience. He is naturally curious and his positivity and enthusiasm for our mission strengthened the team and helped make the project fun!

Faisal Al Warraq

Former Student

Robert is one of the few people who can quickly explain a complex subject in a way that is articulate and simple. From my experience learning from Robert, any topics we discussed were always backed up with the latest facts and information on the subjects, and he always had a fresh point of view that encouraged people to look at more things in a different light. Robert is very personable and a good conversationalist, and a man of many skills.

Leah Noble Davidson

Founder, Chief Experience Officer – Because Human

Rob has a way of imagining the future before anyone else can see it. It’s a real talent that I haven’t seen in many others. If you can follow him, you’ll see he’s one of the most intelligent people we have in our design community. He’s an asset to any team who’s lucky enough to have him.

Steve Elmer

Director of IT, Customer Insights & Advocacy – Intel

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert on a number a number of software application design related projects. These include application user experience (UX) designs for mobile apps, desktop browser apps, and data visualization applications. I’ve found Robert’s work to be extremely insightful and valuable in all cases. His design approach focuses on the end user needs and he exercises creativity when working within the boundaries of the capabilities that different software solutions and platforms provide. He has an excellent interactive approach with end users and turns work rapidly for quick feedback supporting an agile approach. I highly recommend Robert for user experience design that delivers impact and promotes ease of adoption.

Mark D Boucher

Principal Engineer – Intel

I have had the pleasure of serving as Rob’s manager from 2016-2018. I was the newbie in UX Research and Interaction design. What struck me most about Rob is that he always came at projects or problems from a different space than I. I really appreciated the diversity of thought that he brought to the table and added a new aspect to acheiving our charter.

Rob shines in many areas, let me tell you about one example: Given high-level objectives of conferences he can employ a process that starts from blue-sky ideation in defining a conference themes, driving the theme to media, and creative assets around that theme. He can lead a team to get the work done and it always comes out well.

Additionally, in UX design Rob not only does the design, but can describe how the brain works to support why the specific design is best for the situation. Adding visualization to achieve the desired outcome vs. doing what was asked “build me a dashboard,” then explaining how the specific design will achieve the result is much more compelling and drives clarity in value that UX design brings to large IT programs.

Rob can be an asset in many areas and is not limited to UI design. He applies gaming strategies to products in order to increase adoption and always take on a personal mission to build the product needed vs. the product being requested.

Brian P Carson

Senior Communications Manager – Intel

As an Events Manager for large corporate conferences, I’m always on the lookout for individuals who possess high levels of competency, collaboration, and ability to build relationships. Robert LaCosse proved himself invaluable on all three conference engagements we worked together.

Robert shows a sincere interest in understanding both people and projects in a holistic sense and appears most at home on interdisciplinary teams. He devotes himself to making projects successful and brings in external expert advice when necessary. I feel Robert honors the customer experience above above all else and devotes himself to producing the highest quality product within the confines of resources and time.

Perhaps my favorite thing about working with Robert LaCosse is his relentless pursuit of delivering value to the team.

Casey Rickard Anselmi

Event Program Manager – Intel

Robert is an amazingly talented designer. He not only delivers results, he does it in the way he said he would, and within the time frame he said he would. He is talented, patient and listens intently when working with his customers to gather requirements to produce content that hits the mark. He has a knack for keeping you directed and focused. The content he designs and produces is more in-depth and well thought out providing exceptional results and a ‘one of a kind’ look and feel.

While working with Robert, never a day took place where he didn’t walk into the office ready to invite whatever I put in front of him to accomplish. He excels at engaging in useful dialogue when it was important to evaluate the challenges of any day before us. It was a pleasure to know team efforts would involve his contributions toward any task I needed to manage. I look forward to any opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Charles Lambdin

Senior Consultant, UX Researcher – Intel

I had the pleasure of working with Rob for several years. He’s a very impressive UX designer, and an even more impressive game designer. I’ve seen Rob’s work in a variety of contexts, from UX work on software projects, to helping to design large-scale corporate conferences, to designing and running massive group games for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. One of the things Rob has helped me learn is just how widely applicable and incredibly useful game design in fact is. When coaching or training employees, for instance, practically nothing helps a class or audience learn something as much as a well-designed game or exercise, and when it comes to game design, this guy is top notch.

Jennifer Delgado-Apple

IT@Intel – Industry Engagement Manager – Intel

I’ve worked with Rob on a number of projects. He not only visualizes the big picture, but captures the best ways to communicate to multiple audiences. His creativity and manageability of projects and meeting timelines will continue to be a strength in any area he chooses.

Julie Tyus

HR Leadership Development Manager – Intel

I worked with Rob on a couple of large long-term projects within IT and also within one of our employee resource groups. Rob has the ability to be the idea person and has big ideas, but also has the ability to make those ideas reality. He is extremely hard working and passionate, down to executing the last detail to ensure the experience hits the mark. Rob is very collaborative and built relationships that lasted beyond the project.

Leo Frishberg

Product Design Manager – Intel

Rob’s creativity and strategic orientation is complemented by his visual and industrial design talents. Working with Rob never failed to entertain and advance our goals forward. I would strongly recommend him for any position involving game design, group dynamics and organizational change.

Eli Smith

Sales Support Coordinator – Sock It to Me

Rob has a very intuitive sense of design. If you’ve played his game ‘In The Afterward’ this design sense shines through in both game play and aesthetics. The game is extremely engaging fun, and brilliant to look at. Part of this design sense also includes understanding how players think. I’ve seen Rob explain complex games to people with little to no gaming experience and they pick it up as if it was natural. I would recommend Rob to anyone with design and/or game play needs.

Daniel Smudde

Validation Technician – Intel

Robert Lacosse. A visionary? A leader? A designer? These titles and many more you could try and give him would still be too little to describe his drive, his vision, and his ability. I was a student with Robert and every time I saw him he had a brilliant new idea and a groundbreaking new direction to take it in. He is overflowing with creative thoughts and design directions and he is knowledgable in more than just his trade. His personality, his intellect, and the very core of his soul will breath life into anything you set him to accomplish. I have tried my best to keep up with him, and while I can keep pace I may never have the vision he wields so feverishly. I have consulted him on many of my projects and he has consulted me as well, and every discussion is a deep and powerful evaluation on how does this effect not only us but the world. Anyone interested in working with Robert had better prepare themselves, he is changing the world, and he will always come in running.

Laura Slater

2D Artist, Art Director, Project Manager – Freelance

Robert is a creative thinker and passionate about his work. He enjoys a challenge and has no difficulty thinking outside the box. I witnessed him working with students as a tutor and his enthusiasm and ability to communicate on a variety of levels was constantly impressive. He was a pleasure to work with.

Carmella Vargas-Peeler

Design Business Analyst – US Bank

Professionally and personally, Rob has been a paradigm alteration with an aggressive-growth strategy chaser and a creative shot-in-the-arm, for me as a design professional. His management and team-building insights are always spot-on and the breadth and depth of the array of knowledge at his disposal is, quite frankly, scary.

Jamie Hurd

Academic Director – Art Institute of Portland

After about five minutes with Rob you will realize that he is a fully engaged individual that approaches everything he does with about 150% of his person. He is a person that is innately curious about things around him, loves to research and dig deep into ideas. To top it all off, he also really likes people and has a good sense of humor. I fully recommend him as an addition to your team.